With Azure Monitor and IaaS via C#.

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There were two reasons to write this article, the first one is that basic health checks usually not added in the early stages of projects and not deployed with infrastructure. The second one is the awesome Microsoft Extensions.Diagnostics.HealthChecks …

Deploying RabbitMQ to Kubernetes, configuring KEDA and switching functions triggers to the new queue.

So here is part two, the first article is here, and the GitHub repo is here.

Why is RabbitMQ and not Kafka? Because the latter is a distributed streaming platform, while the former is a message broker and more comfortable to start without extra effort.

TL;DR; In this article…

Or how-to move Azure Functions to your client data center.

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Why? A few years ago the main scenario was to lift application to the cloud, nowadays things changed ))). Last spring, I was asked to move an existing serverless application built around Azure Functions to on-premises for compliance purposes.

Here is the link to the follow-up article.

The video that…

A step-by-step guide.

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Integration of a serverless API with an existing infrastructure and an identity provider is a cost-effective step towards migrating to Azure Functions while keeping old services up and running. At least in my experience :).

So this is the sequel to my previous article about IdentityServer4 and Azure Functions HTTP…

After the expiration of cluster certificates.

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Things happen, especially with certificate expiration dates :). It recently happened with me and I got the task to restore the failed cluster. This article is dedicated to the recovery of the Windows-based Azure Service Fabric(ASF) cluster with stateless workloads.

The fastest possible way of recovery is to create a…

The usage guide with cases, code, and video.

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I was intrigued by features of Azure SQL Serverless in preview, and general availability on November 4th doesn’t disappoint me either. So I decided to share my experience with this article, demo GitHub repository, and video. These materials are part of the #AzureAdventCalendar community event.

TL;DR; I will share my…

Or how to tackle exceptions and re-run failed messages.

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One of the Serverless solution benefits is a “performance at scale.” As a result, you can get “Failure at scale” if something goes wrong. Thus it’s crucial to introduce error handling for your Azure Functions project early.

TL; DR; I will explain how to handle exceptions and errors in Azure…

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