With Azure Monitor and IaaS via C#.

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Deploying RabbitMQ to Kubernetes, configuring KEDA and switching functions triggers to the new queue.

Or how-to move Azure Functions to your client data center.

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The video that covers this tutorial.

A step-by-step guide.

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After the expiration of cluster certificates.

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The fastest possible way of recovery is to create a new cluster and deploy stateless services there ☺, but…

And deploy alerts via Azure CLI.


The usage guide with cases, code, and video.

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Usage scenarios.

Let’s take, for example, my scenario. It consists of a workload during office hours from 7.00 till 19.00 with heavy ETL afterward. So…

With custom handler and without Azure API Management.

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Or how to tackle exceptions and re-run failed messages.

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The problem

With serverless things can get real messy fast. In a matter of a few minutes, 5k messages can trigger an equal number of exceptions. In my case, it was a PoC project with an…

Seamless delivery made easy or

And how do they differ from non-serverless plans?

Deployment slots with Azure Functions

How do they work?

So, what is happening when you swap Staging and Production slots?

  • Slot specific settings are moving from Production to Staging.
  • Staging application instances re-instantiated with the new parameters.
  • An equal number of Staging servers started for the Production slot.
  • An automatic health check performed.
  • Azure DNS magic, routes exchanged for both containers.

Stas(Stanislav) Lebedenko

Azure MVP | Senior dev @ SigmaSoftware | Odesa MS .NET/Azure group | Cloud solution architect | Azure Serverless fan 🙃| IT2School/AtomSpace volunteer #msugodua

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